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I’m sure you’ve probably heard this word at some point. For some, it means just a character of a card game, for others (with kinky mind) mean something related to lustful sex. So, what’s the Queen of Spades real meaning?

Queen of Spades symbol

In Tarot cards, the Queen of Spades sits on the throne and her masterful gaze shows us that she can’t be cheated by anyone because she’s extremely clever and insightful. She’s the most beautiful queen of the deck, the only who has the long flowing hair, a symbol of womanhood and her inteligence makes her look even more handsome. Queen of Spades symbolizes freedom on the one hand; and the control-domination on the other hand.

Tarot Queen of Spades

The name ‘Queen of Spades’ has not been chosen by accident since has many kinds of meanings, although in the sexual way it all comes down to ‘white women VS black cocks’. The spade’ shape is compared with the head of a black penis, the black men’ sexual stamina compared with white men, who is seen as someone with tiny cock, clumsy and unmanly in the sex issues. Obviously this is not real; it’s about an overstatement of the real life, part of the humiliation of the domination & submission games.

Queen of Spades prefers big black cocks

The Queen of Spades symbol, which some women have been tattoed, suggests (in the Swingers environment) that the woman is only searching for black men. The spades tattoo has its origin in the English cards game known as “Hearts”, “Dirty Lady” or “Slippery Anne”. But it has a lot of other names: Black Lady, Dark Lady, Chase the Lady, Crubs, Black Queen or Black Maria. In this game, the Queen of Spades is the card we must avoid because is the most dangerous card.

Queen of Spades is a dangerous card

The Queen of Spades’ symbol in the Poker game is represented as a Q above or inside. This means a women with sexual preference for the black guys. You can see that feature on tattoos (usually temporary), bracelets and necklaces, t-shirts… A very practical way to alert to potential black lovers that the woman is avaible for them.

Queen of Spades feet tattooed

White woman crazy for the black cocks: that would be a good summary. Only interested in black men. Here there are many variations, for instance, the typical slutwife married with a white man having sex with black guys in front of her husband (cuckolds). This special taste for the black cocks is related with lots of recurring topics in the porn industry: Bulls and wives, huge cocks, humiliation, cuckolds, sissy, BBC…

Small penis humiliation (SPH)

When we talk about BBC’s we are not talking about the British TV news channel: when we say BBC we really want to say ‘Big Black Cocks’. The myth of the giant penis, the cliché of the huge cocks, the virile bulls, the tireless fornicators… Now, how truth is this?

The myth of the black race’s big cocks was introduced in our culture, and it caused a new concern to the Westerners about their sexual prowess. But, it’s completely true that cocks’ size may change according the geographical area, the race or the skin color?

Huge black cock VS tiny white cock

In scientific terms, the knowledge about the structure of the human genome has proved that there aren’t genetic differences between the different races. So this means that black cocks aren’t bigger than white cocks, scientifically speaking, of course. Currently there is no scientific basis that explain these alleged physical differences according to the race. But, if you take a look to the penis’ size graph by countries, the cliches of the big black cocks are confirmed.

According stats black cocks are the biggest

I’ve seen many nude black men in the Internet, some of them with small cocks but others… have a really BIG COCK. When you see that in real life (not photoshopped), it’s hard to believe what are you watching. But also there’re a lot of white giant penis, isn’t it? And don’t miss another cliche: “Size is really not important, it’s how you use it.” Of course, you don’t necessarily need a giant penis to enjoy good sex but the view of a huge cock is very arousing, as it happens with other sexual attributes like, for instance, the breasts.

Cuckold humiliated by wife

So to just end up, the Queen of Spades in the Porn is usually associated with the topics #cuckold, #BBC or #hotwife, different ways to represent the woman fucked by a dishy black man, with huge cock as a sex-machine. Internet is full of this porn topics, especially of the cuckold and the hotwife.  Type the word “cuckold” or “slutwife” in any of the porn videostreaming sites, and you’ll see a lot of content about it. In Thekinkymind you have an entire videos’ section of cuckolds and hotwives, you can access from here.

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