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Those who think that it’s all made up on sex issues is quite wrong. The British people, under the name of ‘Dogging’, bring us closer a new way to have sex only suitable for the kinky mind public, a trendy practice gaining more and more enthusiasts day after day.


The background is located in parks, picnic áreas, woods or parkings, among others. Usually is practiced inside cars but also can be done in a park bench or even in the rest areas’ tables.

Couple fucking in the woods


Dogging lovers are usually flashing-people who take pleasure having sex in front of voyeurs. These Peeping Toms may become involved in the sex activities, provided that the couple is agree.

Contact is established via forums, classified ads, dating websites, whatsapp groups, social media or email, those are the most common ways to organize and know about the schedules and meeting places.


Although the word “dogging” originated in the 70’s in the United Kingdom to describe those men who used to spy couples having sex in the car or outdoors, the organitzation and the meetings it’s a matter of nowadays. According some Dogging experts, more than a half of the British parks are used for these kind of practices. There’s evidence that this practice has been extended to other European countries like Germany, Ireland, France, Belgium, Spain and Italy… In addition it’s growing too fast in the United States and also in Canada.

Classic Dogging scene


Often are straight couples looking for adventure, aged between 30 and 50; while the voyeurs are mostly mature men, married and middleclass. But this is not always the case, since you can finde people older than 60 or even more.

Dogging is practiced by people of all ages

So if your partner is determined to bring the dog for a walk at an ungodly hour in the night, especially if you don’t have a dog, be careful! It’s the most common excuse among the voyeurs, hence the word “dogging”.


Technology becomes the main tool to organize the meetings. First contact is mainly made through Social Media and Forums specializing in this subject. When the date and place is known, email is an usual option but there’re some mobile apps very useful like whatsapp, telegram or kik to make the contacts easier and faster.

Once it had been agreed a meeting, always must be borne in mind who will attend the dating. For a good experience, is better to choose a limited number of participants, because sometimes there are too much voyeurs and a few flasher couples (doggers), and this can ruin the moment.

Too much participants can ruin the moment

In order to prevent unpleasant situations, it make sense know in advance the sexual tastes of the participants, if they’re straight, gay or bisexual, we aren’t all out for the same thing.

There is another Dogging’s type called ‘Online Dogging’. Through the cell phone and filming the live sessions, especially for people who can’t stay there face-to-face. A more secure way but, of course, less arousing, since it’s all limited to the voyeurism.


When sex is practiced inside cars, the doggers have their own signals code that defines the modus operandi of the flashing people; passively or actively.

Car lights game

  • Those who turn on and off the light (interior and/or exterior): it means, basically, they are doggers.
  • Those who keep the interior light on: want to be observed.

Doors and Windows

  • The car window is open a little: it’s allowed to look and even play.
  • The car door is open:  it’s allowed to participate. Also can be admitted in spoken way.
Car is prefered option for doggers


The Dogging is not only about having fun. Police of the countries in which is practiced has pointed out an increase of robberies, rapes and blackmails as a result of this sexual practice. For this reason, there’re some tips in order to prevent attacks and remain anonymous after these kind of meetings. You should know:

  • Before arrive to the meeting, all valuables must be hidden in a secure place. Or better, don’t carry valuables this day.
  • Be carefull with the cell pone, have it located all the time.
  • When go back home, make sure that nobody is following you, there’re some sick people out there, better if you make a detour.
Take precautions after the party


  1. Dont’ forget the safe sex.  This practice has led widespread an increase of sexually transmitted diseases, specially in Dogging áreas, in addition to an increase of unwanted pregnancies. For this reason, we always should take precautions (condoms). Is also recommended wearing wet pipes, in order to keep it cleanliness.
  2. By common sense, the meetings can’t be organized next to school areas.
  3. Be respectful with the other participants, better without drugs or alcohol.
  4. Just watch and enjoy until you are invited to participate. You need the OK of the flashers (or through play signals). There’s no need to insist on it: NO means NO.
  5. Physical aspect is important, but personal higiene is even more important. Nobody wants to have sex with smelly people.
  6. Respect the participants, for most of them anonymity is essential.
  7. Respect the public and private ownership. A dogger is not a hooligan, you must to be careful with the places of the meetings, rest areas or natural parks. In addition, clean the mess you made after the meeting: cigarettes, empty packages, used condoms and any other disposable stuff.
  8. Respect traffic rules. Need to be careful with the parking, you can’t park everywhere, even if it’s a secluded location.
  9. Not all couples who practice outdoor sex likes dogging, some of them want intimacy. Be respectful and don’t disturb their peace.
  10. You must to be careful with the laws of each country. Each country has their own laws about outdoor sex. It’s important to know about them if you don’t want to end up in the police station charged with public indecency.

Greetings to everybody

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