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Atfer turn my friend on with pics of my Goddess’ thighs and panties, a brave BULL who wants fornicate my wife long ago, was quick to attend the lady, delighted to date with us in a very crowded terrace pub that same night.

My beloved has a sparkle in her eyes, nervous for the date and some drink, we already fantasized  with this friend who didn’t hesitate to flirt with my wife using me (the cuckold) like messenger. The feeling of arousal and humiliation to the arrival of the BULL requested by your beloved wife is indescribable, and I really appreciate those preliminars in the street.

You will gradually turning into a useless man, if you go to the toilet, he moves in closer to her, I just turn into a maid, serving food and watching from far how they laugh, his whispers in her delicate ears… all is a mix of unconfortable, humiliating but arousal feelings when everyone saw you arrive like her husband, and minutes later you’re the meek wimp that allows your wife to be satisfied by a real ALPHA MALE.

It didn’t take long time the expecting of the fornication, till my wife suggested her BULL to have a nightcap in our home, of course ignoring my personal view in this regard. She looks at me with an impish smile and suddenly tells me: ”Hey cuck, you come with us?” and then they bursting into laughter. They didn’t ask for my permission and this is the best part. The roles comes with naturally, and no need to any suggestion. Already in the car, she sits next to him, who drives gentlemanly and virile while I’m becoming more and more cuckold but with pleasure and acceptation.

Occasionally, my pee-pee is pounding when she starts to kiss him… Every step of the way is an evidence of his powerfull manhood. Once home, my main mission is to film them, sometimes playing a simple role of an ignored bystander. My wife orders me to serve some drink, while the BULL laughs openly by looking at my meekness.

I’m severly rejected when I try to join them, to the point that my beloved tells me: “Hey cuck, stop disturbing us”, immediately after, they send me out, only for a few minutes… When I come back, they no longer pay attention to me, they’re kissing passionately, the BULL taking possesion of my wife and now, his devoted lover.

For a brief time I share their fun time, then my wife comments “look at the cuck filming us again…” then both start laughing; BULL’ smile is specially humiliating, but also arousing at same time. I start stripping and soon becomes clear why  is the BULL and not this meek cuckold who must satisfy my Goddess. Those are big arousal moments, watching how he’s running his hands all over her body, how caress her breasts through that nice dress, how is touching her ass, how they start snogging… and how he smells her hair’s fragance which is mixed with the smell of desire that is in the air.

He’s taking off her clothers, slowly, while she surrenders to him… I only hear lovers’ whispers when they’re dancing the music I played myself, my presence is unnecessary, but I can still be useful, recording their sexual affaire. From time to time, the BULL shoots me a masterful glance and then I can see a mix of strangeness, scorn and victory in his eyes. Maybe he don’t understand how can I allow that a woman as sexy as my wife is screwed by another man… I look down and I see my pathetic little wee-wee is so excited, I touch myself…

I can hear the BULL’s mocking smile…

He’s ready to give my wife a hard-sex sesssion, something that I could never give her.

That’s all friends

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