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About two weeks ago, I was drinking coffee with my friend Clara while we were talking about our fun time in the disco, (yes, if you don’t know it, girls love to share our sex experiencies, cocks’ size and other anecdotes) and we ended up talking about job, life is very beautiful, but to have a comfortable life you must have a monthly salary and I suggested my friend to search together a half-time job, in the order to have some money and also freetime.

Clara has powerful connections, so she didn’t take long to call me telling me that a friend of her father’s laws firm needed a babysitter and the tips were good then, after having a brief interview with the employer, I finally accepted the job.

I was very conventional in the job interview; I combed my long soft and wavy hair with a sweet ponytail and I used a natural make-up which highlights a lot my beautiful eyes. I wore a red dress matched with elegant shoes but not too formal, it was just about taking care of a girl, not about going to the office.

The family man was looking at my neck all the time, and occasionally watched my perky tits furtively, after looked up to my lips and then looking down again. He seemed quite nervous, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. And that really turned me on… how many babysitters were harassed by him? He has come to the right lady – I thought.

I passed the first test and then came his cold and severe wife to interview me about schedules, fees and some things I should know about their daughter. She was very clear about all the conditions. The salary was great bearing in mind the kind of job and, in addition, man looked so interested and, you know, I love to play with fire.

The first few afternoons were very amusing . I picked up the little girl from the school, make her lunch and then we do the homework together. While she was having fun, I tried to help in some housework, and when the father arrived, my journey was ended…  So, I seized the opportunity to flirt a little bit with the family man, showing quietly my ass or tits… I was just trying to be subtle, but that’s not my thing and also I’m really desperate to fuck with a man like this…

But one day, things started to go better, while I was finishing my journey he came up to me and whispered in my ear, feeling his crotch touching my ass. He offered me to do some very-well-paid overtime job. Obviously I accepted, but first I stroked hard his big cock in order to know what kind of job he was offering me.

Next day he was late getting back from the office, the kid was ready to go sleep, so I made sure she was completely asleep, I tucked her and I prepared myself for attend the man of the house.

My surprise came when I left the room and saw him in front of the door, opening his tie with a scary look. Before I could even get a word, my boss grabbed my neck and kneeled me in front of him. He was obviously aroused, so I guess I had to calm things down… I run my fingers through his member while looking at him in the eyes. This scene turned me on a lot; in front of his daughter’s room, knowing that his wife would be son at home…

He shut his eyes and took a deep breath. I unbuckled his belt, took his pants off and when I was ready to make a blowjob, he grabbed my head in a rude way, grumbling like an animal and rubbing his giant penis on my sweet teenager face.

-Hell, this redhead is a real bitch slut! you’ve got me too horny – I heard him mumbling.

I smiled and focused myself on that amazing thing between his legs. What a cock, hairy, thick, huge, all veiny… A delicacy for my senses.

I sucked it with devotion from testicle to the tip of the cock, then I started to massage it while my tongue plays with the penis head, dropping some precum on my tongue. Suddenly  wanted more, putting his cock entirely in my mouth and started to fuck it sharply. His grunts silenced my gagging reflex.

-You’re going to have a hot meal –after that, he blew his load in my mouth.

I swallowed it all, Then I got up and left.

After what happened, we repeated this situation almost every day, I’d stay up late till her daughter  till she fell asleep, and then I let him to fuck my mouth in every corner, in the couch while he’s watching TV, in the kitchen while he was cooking, in the bathroom while he was… The only unused part of the house was his bedroom.

Within a few days I’ve had enough of his game, would like to go further than that. So I just showed up at her house late at night, I sent him a message in Whatsapp and he opened the door discretely, I said hello and he invited me in. Then he got nervous because I showed him I wasn’t wearing panties .

He closed the door and I went right to his room. His wife was sleeping peacefully, so I kneel down in front of the bed, staring him in the eyes. He was scared by the scene, but also horny, since he was fully erect.

I took off my coat, I started touching myself there in the ground in front of him, never leaving his eyes, challenging him. He came to me letting his cock near my mouth, throbbing under shorts. I took off his pants and I put his penis completely  in my mouth… I blowed with devotion, I wanted his sperm and he knew it. I licked his balls with my playful tongue, I was very horny playing with her cock like a real slut, wild-eyed all the time.

I could feel like he was ready to cum, to load all that sperm in my face and I opened my mouth more and more. He was fucking my mouth roughly and grabbing my hair at the same time.

He came off. But I wanted more. He grabbed my head forcing me to watch her sleeping wife.

-Don’t make a sound –His order was clear, and I was going to obey.

Then he tied my hands around my back and started to pumping my ass and pussy in a very rude way. He was sweating insanely during the fornication, finally he covered my mouth with his hand, so I couldn’t scream. I also had some breathing difficulties, because the man was a little bit rough  when he was squeezin’ my throat, fucking me like an animal.

He finally had an unannounced orgasm, and, of course, covered my face with all that sprerm. Suddenly, he kicked me out of the house even before I could clean my face… my poor messy full-of-cum angelical face…



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