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Every couple is different, there is no question about that. Each one has a different personality, rules and ways to doing things. Consequently, every couple lives the swinger relationship in a very different way.

To be a cuckold and accept that you like it… This is not the kind of thing you can do in one day or a year. I don’t know what gays or lesbians are feeling as they’re discovering their “unusual” sexuality, but must be something similiar for the consented cuckolds (I put “unusual” in quotes to highlight it becasue these kind of sexual preferences –like to be a cuckold-  are far from the traditional forms of our society).

And for me, it took many years in which that was my sexual fantasy. I never told about this to anyone and in no way I would have had the courage to admit it to my wife. I think that was thanks to the Internet, when I saw that my weird taste was not so extremely unusual, and other lot of men enjoy the cuckolding lifestyle with pleasure and happiness, then I had no excuse to confess to my wife.

The next step was the lover’s choice, we didn’t need a neverending casting of the guy who should drill my wife’s innocent pussy. Everything came naturally when I confided my secret to her. She was not surprised, and after a few matters were resolved, she decided to say “I do”… of being a swinger wife, of course. Just wanted to point out that I didn’t say from beggining: “I want to be a cuckold”. I told her that I would like to introduce a third person in our bed, to watch her fucking with another; a threesome, so we’re clear. It’s more palatable and easy to assimilate in this way.

As I already said, every couple is different and some of them just have one cuckolding experience and after they don’t want any more.  Is more frequent because of the female part but in some cases also due to the maladjustment of the supposed cuckold. In our case there was never any question about that. By request of my wife, we have remained idle during some time, but never finish it definitely.

What would happen if I asked her to leave it? She always has assured me that even though she enjoys it and loves to be a slut, there’s no problema to leave it. This means that she became a hotwife to please me, because, in her words, she already had a sex-positive lifestyle before we get into the Swingers’ world.

Currently she had steady lover for years and we are in another level of the relationship. As I always say to my wife, now we don’t have a marriage, we have a “mathreeage”. They enjoy a lot of moments having unique experiences together, the sexual arousal she feels fucking with her BULL… I guess there is no turning back.

If the lover decides to leave it, obvioulsy we’d have nothing to say, it would be his decision, something to accept. I guess that sooner, rather than later we’d try to find another brave bull to satisfy our kinky games. But to be honest, if my wife wanted to leave this kind of lifestyle, i’ll be sexually frustated, sad, unhappy because I need my cuckold fix.

If it were up to me, we’d never leave the cuckolding lifestyle, but imagine for a second I want to stop; will she be able to leave her lover for ever? I’m sure she would be confused, but probably finally she’d accept it… or not. Maybe she date with him secretly, turning me into a non-consent cuckold. I guess they would still fucking together regularly or perhaps occassionally.

For my wife, fuck with her lover is currently something as normal as bang with me and even more usual.  My wife and her bull relation is not considered anymore as something banned, prohibited or illegal… there’s no cheating feelings here. They just have to keep some discretion. She kisses or fucks with him in front of me, or she tells me that she’s going to fornicate with her bull, with absolute sincerely and confidence. How would she be able to resist her lover’s temptations?

I am telling you this, ladies and gentlemen, in order to say that the way back is complicated. Once the key is turned, there’s a certain expectation about lifestyle that are hard to change back. It would be very hard, -unless a bad experience takes place- that both in the couple reach an agreement to leave the swingers lifestyle. And, in the long run, this may result in a relationship full of infidelities and betrayals.


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