I recently saw in Netflix a spanish movie (Kiki, el amor se hace -2016) about 5 love’ stories around various sexual fetishes which involves to their mindset, helping them to break taboos and change their relationships.  Ending those fears adding uncommon sexual practices lead people to new stages in their lives.

Some of these fetishes are as exotic as being aroused by the cry, interacting with asleep people or having pleasure when being stolen. Movie is directed and starred by Paco León, a well-known Spanish actor and director. Of course, in the movie are covered the Swingers lifestyle’s topics, from the viewpoint of a couple who decides try it for the first time.

Scene from the Spanish movie ‘Kiki’

But it’s not the only one, if we look at cinema’s history we can find many references to the Swingers theme. One of the best-known is the American film ‘Sex with strangers’ (2002), a movie where aspects of real swinging are fairly well covered. A good example to watch if you’re in a swinging couple or open relationship as the pitfalls are well categorised. It doesn’t really matter if it’s real or recreated or scripted, as the issues covered are real.

‘Sex with Strrangers’ is an American Swingers movie

Cause this subject, some movies focused on the Swingers world has been censored in their own home country, as the film ‘Sexo Salvaje’ of Eduardo Rosado (Puerto Rico, 2015), which has received many bad reviews, not only for the many explicit sex scenes, also because Swingers topic it’s frowned upon among the society of this country.

‘Sexo Salvaje’ directed by Eduardo Rosado

As we have already seen, there are Swinger communities around the world. In the United States, Southamerica, Asia, Africa and Europe… particularly in Europe. France is probably the European country with more Swingers followers and communites. Yes, I think France is the cradle of the Swapping couples. In the north of Europe is also a widespread practice, as we can see in the film ‘Swingers’, a Dutch erotic film (released in 2002) that tells the story of a thirty-something couple and their experiment in swinging.

‘Swingers’ a Dutch swapping couples movie (2002)

If you like erotic cinema and you are curious about the Swingers’ world, I made a compilation of best movies about this topic. These are the 10 best films about Swingers of the cinema. I hope you enjoy, click HERE or the banner below to start.

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